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4 foot wide rotary harrow 4 foot wide rotary harrow

RC-4 Rotary Harrow for ATV and Garden Tractors

The Spider is an innovative self-driven rotary harrow. The uses for this harrow range from renovating arenas and driveways to conditioning any sand, soil or gravel surface.

The Spider has 2 ft. diameter rotors that are self-driven as a result of being set at a 5 degree angle. No power take-off is required.

The small rotors are an advantage in two different ways over larger diameter rotors. First, the units extend only about 3 ft. behind the tractor for better maneuverability, and second, the small diameter forces them to spin at a higher RPM which disburses more material.

Rotors are preset at opposing angles to provide straight pulling and smoother operation. Wheels provide transport by simply inverting the unit. Integrated platform for 8" blocks provide the necessary down force

• Approximate weight 95lbs


Model RC-4 $699.00

adjusta-flex harrow for atv

Model AF-5 Harrow for ATV and Garden Tractors.

The Adjusta-Flex ATV Harrow is a new and innovative adjustable and flexible harrow. This design allows you to adjust width, length and aggressiveness.

Pictured here at maximum width, the Adjusta-Flex Harrow is great for smoothing rough arenas, breaking up manure, dethatching pastures and general grounds maintenance.

• Adjustable width

• Adjustable Length

• Full 1/2" Tines

• Aggressiveness changes with width

• Model AF-5 adjustable 3 1/2' to 5' width and 7 1/2' long


Model AF-5 $489.00

flexible tine harrow for atv

Flex-Tine Harrow for ATV & Garden Tractors

A Valuable Benefit of the Country ATV Harrow is it's Simple Depth Control Feature that lets You Accomplish a Variety of Tasks.

Within just a few minutes the harrow can be adjusted to be pulled in the aggressive, less aggressive or inverted mode, or a combination of those modes.

Through a system of attaching hooks, the individual component can be towed from the front or rear hooks, for instance, in the most aggressive position, ground contact will make the tine stand upright.

However, when the drawbar is placed at the opposite end, ground contact will then make the tines less aggressive. To achieve a combination mode, e.g. Fluff with the front component and firm with the rear component, you need only to unhook the rear most component and reverse its direction of travel or perhaps turn upside down to Firm and Smooth.

• L4 Model (4' wide x 7 1/2' long)

• Approximate weight 137lbs


Model L4 $549.00