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25 bushel manure spreader for atv

Model 600 Specs

This 25 bushel ATV manure spreader performs just like the large farm models! It's great for horsemen, homesteaders, and hobby farmers who have manure to dispose of.

The unit is ground driven and needs no power take off or any external engines. Any 10 HP or larger tractor or ATV can pull the "mighty" spreader with ease. The unit being only 46 inches wide also allows for extra maneuverability and versatility.

Pull the unit right down your barn aisle to load. The rugged construction will handle all kinds of manure, including that mixed with hay and straw.

• Ground wheel driven - #55 link chain for reliability.

• No differential required. Drag chain ratchet driven by one wheel while rear beater is driven by opposite wheel.

• All structural members are hot rolled steel enclosing the treated lumber.

• High strength steel gears in conjunction with cast iron sprockets and link chain provide extra strength where needed.

• Standard V belt and pulleys provide final drive speed for the beater.

• Outside wheel width is 46 inches to provide maneuverability.

• 6ft long x 2.5ft wide x 1.5ft high load bed allows for big loads.

• High flotation 16 OD tires provide traction.

• Approximate weight 350lbs


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